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Will BL


I'm Will - I like making things, some of which you can see below ⬇️! Right now I'm enjoying working on code of various kinds.

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My Projects


Haema Logo minecraft mod
Popular Vampire gamemode mod curseforge downloads badge

The Scansioniser

Scansioniser Logo webapp
Performs scansion on Latin poetry


Writouli Logo webapp
Editor for Patchouli Book JSONs

Big Buckets

Big Buckets Logo minecraft mod
Adds upgradable buckets to the game curseforge downloads badge


Red Lambda website
A monad is a monoid in the category of endofunctors


Hyperdrive Logo render engine
OpenGL demo rendering engine

Raycast Engine

Raycast Engine Logo game engine
Extensible retro-graphics game engine

Legacy Brigadier

Legacy Brigadier Logo minecraft mod
Backports commands to a 2010 Minecraft version

Block Block Device

Block Block Device Thumbnail - 'the files are in there' with arrow pointing to a structure in Minecraft minecraft mod | ▶️ VIDEO
NBD block device backed by Redstone Memory


Issuesheet Logo github app
Import issues from CSV into GitHub

Data Functions

Data Functions Logo library mod
Allows mod authors to create highly configurable mods

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Other Cool Things

Here are some things I've found interesting from across the web.